Advanced Personal Leadership


Leading Self

The program begins with an exploration of leadership from the perspective of the leader as a human being endeavoring to contribute to and lead change.

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Relationships, Communications and Decision Making


Leading Self and Others

Students receive practice and feedback on building relationships and accomplishing desired outcomes using leadership conversations.

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Transformative Leadership: Leading Through Complexity & Change


Leading Self and Others

Strategic thinking in times of uncertainty requires a new level of thinking and a deeper understanding of leadership competencies and the development of the human being.

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Innovation and Leading Organizational Change


Leading Self, Others and Organizations

Today, leaders and organizations face rapid and complex change and it is imperative for them to develop the mindset, skill set, and tool set to navigate the complexity.

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Integration Seminar: Leader in Action, Leading the Future


Participants will apply what they have learned and present their challenge they identified at the beginning of the program, their proposed solution or approach, and the thought process behind the proposed solution to a panel of executives.

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The Arizona Technology Council has partnered with ImpaQ Solutions to offer a Transformational Leadership Program designed for the experienced executives who will take their company or organization into the future. The Transformational Leadership Program will focus on leading self, leading others and leading the organization. Participants will gain greater insight into themselves as an individual and how well their leadership style works within your groups and company.

Leadership development is a process, not an event. The program includes 11 days of classroom instruction over a six-month period. In addition to outside assignments including reading and reflection, participants will benefit from individual assessments, individual executive coaching sessions, and a learning-community network of colleagues. The program is structured with the understanding that each participant has a full-time job but that learning requires an ongoing commitment.




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